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WEBZEN is bringing fireworks and events to the game for the 1st anniversary of MU Legend.

Seoul, Korea – 6 November, 2018 – WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of PC and
mobile games, has announced the 1st anniversary festival of its action MMORPG MU

As a year has passed since MU Legend’s official release in the EU/NA/SEA regions,
players can now celebrate the game’s birthday from today until 4 December with the
1st Anniversary Festival.

First, the in-game area Ohrdor has been transformed into a colorful night city with
bright fireworks and a celebratory atmosphere.

Along with this festival mood, players can collect Anniversary Coins that can be
exchanged for valuable items through various in-game events.

To receive Anniversary Coins, players can complete the Ohrdor Sewer dungeon without
letting the monster reach the ladder, or they can play the dungeon event of the
Labyrinth and escape as fast as they can. Only 2 entries for each dungeon will be
allowed per day. The daily entries are reset every day at 5:00 am UTC.

Treasure hunts are also on offer for players to earn rewards, with treasures
spawning around Ohrdor several times per week and at special times during the

Once players finish collecting Anniversary Coins through missions or different
anniversary items, they will also gain the chance to be rewarded with special items.
These include a selectable item of Lv. 70 Divine Set armor and 1st anniversary
outfits/wings that are exclusive to the event.

In addition, special sales and lucky boxes for the anniversary are now available in
the shop.

Meanwhile, WEBZEN has merged MU Legend’s servers after the weekly maintenance today.
The EU and US will each see the merging of both of their current existing servers
into one server per region.

For full details of MU Legend’s 1st anniversary event, players can visit the
official website: Players are also invited to discuss
the game and join the official MU Legend Facebook community at


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5 thoughts on “WEBZEN Celebrates MU Legend’s 1st Anniversary

  1. This was something I had to reminisce about the past week because I didn't see hardly any place where I could just walk in and find something random to play anywhere. Now just a 10 min walk from me is a mat that has a Rush 2049, a hacked Ms. Pac-Man (speed button and lcd, yuck) and some claw machine. If I wanted to find something better, that means driving around town looking for a needle in a haystack or going to D&B's. 🙁

    So I really can't go to a bar and expect they'll ever have anything since they typically put cheap slot machines in their place. The grocery stores don't have that game corner anymore. Movie theaters up and decided they wanted to renovate and cleaned up so they have a concession area that's presentable rather than machines with kids cluttering it. It just seems like everybody's focused on the idea of doing away with keeping a gaming cabinet on hand entirely.

    God I miss the 80's so badly. Just about everywhere you go you could always find something. To think that where you clean your clothing would be one of the last places in the back of your mind to find something and nowadays I'd imagine it's to be expected. I hope my hometown still has that Punchout…

  2. Hey all,

    Over the last few weeks I have been able to get my three real arcade machines I've wanted for the last couple of years. So for some context, I have a bunch of arcades from other companies like arcade1up etc, and always wanted a few real arcades but never had the room until recently. I'm not really into collecting the older arcades, as I don't want to be in a business of always upgrading parts that fail, or big crt monitors etc. For those I'm happy with 3 4 scale machines or custom made things in my arcade. But there were a few machines that are new, that I have been after. I thought I'd share below.

    My first arcade machine I got a few weeks ago is Retro Raccoons from incredible technologies. This machine is a ton of fun with 4 players and is like Mario party mini games. Link below if you want to see my review and gameplay:

    Then I got Golden Tee 2022 pedestal unit along with the Arcade Collection all in one unit. This was my number one machine I always wanted with all the trackball games from IT on one cab, and now it's here. Link to my overview:

    The next and the second most wanted was Buck hunter reloaded. I got the full size mini edition, and man is this thing awesome. So much gameplay here from all the different game modes. My link to this overview is below:

    There isnt a lot of gameplay and info online about these so I'll be posted more videos to showcase them and if you have any questions feel free to ask, I can answer them here as well. Super happy with all 3 machines In my collection.

  3. I have a Pac-Man's Arcade Party cabinet, and the high score on Galaga is 999,990. Is that as high as the display goes? Or could I theoretically eclipse 1 million?

    I'd love to try to set some high scores, but I can't reset the Galaga scores without resetting the scores on the whole cabinet, which I don't want to do.

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