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Alexander a great did not die in 323 BCE. Conquering lands and the ones no longer provided him applying the challenge he desired and thus he set his worry about to two new targets , conquering death and beating ignorance. His new quest took him to the Estelar Plane.

Six Towns in 2018

The fourth in a series of writes exploring cities as the attraction for RPG world location. This post explores a city used to be ideas go to die.

The Astral Aeroplane isn’t an actual place. Information technology a transition that you move through when moving between areas and dimensions. Normally we all transit too fast to notice the following for more than a short thought. It is possible to did pay attention to it, you would find an empty plane without anything other than the occasional furniture piece. Lingering out here is hard to bear to all but the most high willed. Alexander the Great’s will was so dominant that he was able to shape an important lake and raise the good island in the middle of that lagoon. Reminiscent of the Macedon linked his childhood, on the island he also founded the thirteenth Alexandria.

The island seriously a mix of flat planes and additionally steep cliffs with very limited access to the lake. The final of the island is embellished in buildings that are integrated a greek style. Most of the buildings are made of large pure stone slabs with internal sabatini gardens and cobbled streets. Your wedding day centre of the city and its highest point is going to be acropolis. Where there would ordinarily be a temple complex is found a great library carved back into the rock. Instead of a fort is a good lighthouse that shines gone into the mist of the éloigné astral plane.

In accordance with Alexander’s wishes, brussels gathers to itself knowledge that has been surpassed, ideas that won’t come to fruition and unrealistic concepts. In pursuit of the cure of ignorance, Alexander want to make sure that no idea would ever be definitely lost, lest it when necessary inspire some new thought and also to recognize the wisdom that belong to the original thinkers. Books seemingly appear in the library because of thin air, keeping the librarians exceedingly busy with the filing. One particular library extends downwards under the island, with the stacks loaded in books, journals and even metal tablets in the lower variants.

It is not definitely knowledge itself that the municipality attracts. Thinkers, tinkerers, philosophers and natural scientists wind up here. They talk of the image of the lighthouse as if the game were an recurring objective that drew them to this important place. The the city gifts them with a community where the actual enquiring mind will be unremitting, unrelenting by external pressures.

Time doesn’t poop normally in the astral aeroplane. In fact , it doesn’t find a way to move at all. No sun’s raw heat moves across the sky on mark the passage of one day and there’s simply not true night to observe the stars for this terrific movement of the planet. With no dawn or dusk, there is only the general background light associated with an overcast day. Once you live your life there, food, romance for yourself past life diminish all the way through importance compared to your work.

That work is artform and contemplation. The population partcipates in rigorous debate and repetitive experimentation. Walking the that should you could find ancient greeks looking shoot tortoises, a giant lab dedicated to the endless halving a of a plank associated with wood or an steered clear of perpetual motion machine. You’ll researchers investigating the quite a few humours, alchemy, the lustrous ether and the healing power of crystals.

Through the city so full of opinionated people, there is very little workable government. There is notionally a complete forum in which the city could certainly decide to take action should will there be be a majority in go for but this has yet to happen. The city has a tyrant, who had been appointed by Alexander which can oversee the city but only a few of the citizens are inclined to keep to their commands. With no monetary system or foreign relations to master, the forum and the tyrant mostly concern themselves offering arguments about the role moreover methodology of government and what utilisation of the should be tried next week.

Plot hook varieties

  • An old piece of ancient skill-sets needs to be rediscovered but first may found from the depth the library.
  • A very important scientist has gone to Alexandria. Recover them before they begin to spend the night and thus be a part of the city
  • All your modern experiments require quite primitive metals and alchemical glassware. The older occupants will be difficult to persuade to suit modernisation.

Image Credit , White Lighter House Under White Light by Adrianna Calvo – CC0


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5 thoughts on “Vicinity Settings – The Alexandria of the Astral Plane

  1. I'm calling it slice of life because i'm sure how I should call it but lately I have been very interested in running a campaing where the main focus isn't a big action based quest but still keeping a lot of the magical elements in it. For example: party of druids that wants to build a petshop and they use their animal handling skills to deal with weird pets like baby dragons or giant crabs; your players need to run a farm but for that they have to protect the crops from invading beasts; a party of bards that want to make it into the music industry; I would love to see how players get creative with their use of magic to solve daily problems. I have never played or watched a game like this but I think it could be really fun if done creatively and thoughtfully. I love to hear if you have had experiences like this to share!!

  2. Been wanting to open a store for a long time. Now starting to think about it more seriously.

    I've always loved the idea of the gaming community but have never felt comfortable going to shops due to their “dungeon-esque” atmosphere (I'm a woman), their sole focus on Magic the Gathering, or the lack of anyone to go with (again woman, safety in numbers).

    My town is pretty highly populated in the US, and is the fastest growing county in my state. There are multiple colleges near where I plan to set up shop.

    There are other game stores within a 30 minutes radius of my shop, but they are pretty heavily taken over by Magic and Warframe.

    There is one card game in particular (Digimon TCG), which just so happens to be my game of choice that I plan to use as my “flagship” game, which not a single one of the local stores carry at all, despite it being rather popular. But of course I do plan to still carry Magic and pokemon.

    So my “niche” will be

    Shop that is comfortable for women Emphasizes other card games besides Magic Ability to rent/try out games for $5-$10 in the in store game room A small amount of merch for games (t shirts, plushies, etc)

    But this Shop for me at Least would be a sort of “side hustle”. I have a cushy job that I don't want to leave. So I'd need to hire a store manager. I wouldn't need any income from the store for myself to survive, just wages for the manager and other employees.

    So reddit…how stupid is this idea?

  3. To clarify, I mean this mechanically. I'm looking for a system with various stats that increase with use, that when hitting a certain threshold, level up the character.

    I don't know how common a system like this is outside of CRPGs.

  4. Hello everyone,

    This is my first post but I come to you in need of a ttrpg system that would work well for a game set in a homebrew world following the death of the gods, a magic and science driven industrial revolution, and an invasion by eldritch monsters from beyond the veil of reality.

    Basically a magical fantasy world that has just undergone a seismic shift in its tech level, a loss of the divine, and dealing with the end of reality.

    I had planned to use dnd 5e, as the concept of a fantasy world that is going through industrialization to some degree sounds similar to some settings that already exist there. I may still use 5e but I wanted to ask for recommendations here to get your insights!

    I also tend to like systems that are not ultra crunchy but that do have a good structure to scaffold story telling, resolve conflicts with dice, etc.

    Bonus points if it has a good magic system.

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

  5. The common trope is to roll your dice add your bonus and compare with your hit target, them you roll the dice for your damage.

    BUT its not like this everywhere, other TTRPG got multiple failure/succes mechanics.

    I mean you dont hope to roll 6d8 everytime you hit something for the rest of your gaming lives, right?

    So what is your current favorite drill to hit and damage your foes? (Assuming your game has this steps :))

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