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Today there’s a little shop tucked into a corner off Wander’s Alley and Blue Street; it’s on the 5th floor so take the stairs. There you’ll find Millicent Hook in her apothecary. Folk in Sootside have come to rely on her concoctions and medicines where they’re in desperate need. She’s their witch and they’re fairly protective of her. Not that Millicent needs the help though. The metal certificates on her walls attest that she’s qualified in a dozen specialties and certified by three schools of magic and a healer’s guild.

The Diamond Cabal doesn’t care about this. As Westford City’s self appointed magical leader, the Diamond Cabal claims authority over all magic in the city, saying that it is needed to keep the city and its citizens safe from those who would use magic for dark deeds. Dark deeds in their eyes appears to be not paying monthly membership dues, not having lengthy insurance coverage and not using their standardised fees schedule.

Millicent can’t be having with all that. The Diamond Cabal are showing more interest in her practice than others because she’s quite so powerful and qualified. Since she won’t join them, they see her as a threat to the careful balance of control and power. They’ve become quite determined to either run her out of the city or find grounds for the guard to arrest her. Millicent avoids this by not technically breaking any of the bylaws since she’s practising chemistry, pharmacy,and alchemy rather than casting spells. She also keeps her apothecary moving from place to place every few days, just to make it a little harder for the Diamond Cabal to keep track of her or bother her patients. She uses magical business cards to keep her regular patients informed on where’s she’s moved to.

The studio apothecary contains all Millicent needs for her work. The walls are lined with cupboards filled with all manners of ingredients both mundane and arcane. Every surface is covered with some kind of work in process with only a tiny clear space under the window for reading from the many books. There’s a pair of comfy armchairs next to a table and tea set where she sits to think and listen to the patients. A bed and personal wardrobe are in there somewhere, or maybe that’s a hammock?

Adventure Hooks:

  • The Diamond Cabal goons have somehow found Millicent’s apothecary and they’ve camped outside. Millicent needs to make a series of deliveries and doesn’t want the goons and hence the Diamond Cabal to know who she’s visiting. Would you be so kind as to make the rounds?
  • Old Mr Thuod is not well, not well at all. He’s beyond what Millicent can do without spells. Can you get him and her out of the city quietly to a nearby grove of power that’s beyond the Diamond Cabal jurisdiction?
  • The Diamond Cabal have paid off a detective on the Guard to start an investigation in Millicent. She needs to stay hidden but also needs this list of reagents from Bluetip Forest.
  • Millicent had enough of the Diamond Cabal . The final straw was their interference nearly causing the loss of a mother and baby. She’ll pay and owe favours if you can fix this for her, aggressively and permanently.

Image Credit – Apothecary Witch by IrenHorrors CC-BY-NC-ND-3.0


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5 thoughts on “Millicent Hook – The Witch of Sootside

  1. Hey there, i have been looming for a while but i cant seem to find any

    I want an rpg system that has/focuses on hand to hand combat, armed or unnarmed

    It would be nice if it had diferent fighting stiles as well

    Tried a few systems before but it was just not fun, fights took too long and were boring when people were punching the shit out of each other

    Ill take any recomendations!

  2. I recently learned about The Gold Ring and The Hot Circle, massively trimmed down versions of The Burning Wheel, and I previously saw Mini Six, a trimmed down D6 system. It got me thinking about other RPGs that I’ve played that I loved, but I wouldn’t mind seeing shrunk down: Legend of the Five Rings 4E, Shadowrun, Edge of the Empire, Dark Heresy, etc.

    What other light versions / hacks of existing RPGs are out there?

  3. Hello all! My D&D group is taking a break for a few weeks and I'm considering running fairly out of our comfort zones for a session or two.

    My current thinking is having everyone play a different type of primate that lives in a shared primate center of a large zoo. Starting off with an introductory scene that details a normal day at the zoo with some human visitors acting strange, then cut a few days later with them trying to escape their enclosure before the zombified humans break in.

    Main goal would be to escape the zoo and flee into the surrounding woods but they'll have to contend with swarms of zombies, panicked surviving zoo workers, big cats that using the zombie apocalypse as an opportunity to rule and eat the other surviving animals, and more.

    Currently plan to take some real life zoo maps, mash them together, and potentially grab some other maps for an underground employee only section.

    My main challenge is picking a system for this. We're all most familiar with D&D, but between the high amount of reskinning and the short length of 1-3 sessions I don't think it would be a good fit haha. My current best idea is finding a vaguely similar Powered By The Apocalypse system and tweaking as I need BUT I'd figure I would reach out here and see if anyone had any better ideas!

    Thank you all in advance!

  4. So I don't post often, but I feel like this is starting to grow and I just don't know what to do with it. But it feels like every time I want to try a new TTRPG, I end up getting pigeonholed in being a forever GM; I got no problems finding players that are interested in playing, but asking someone to GM in an established group all of a sudden follows up with that moment of awkwardness. I know, “A Tale As Old As Time,” more than enough players but not enough GMs.

    Now I will admit when I try see a new TTRPG or something different from DnD that I want to try, I have no issues with running it; after all, what better way to know a new system than to run it, even if you stumble a lot on the first go around. I have friends that are always up for trying new systems and I don't think I'll ever have that problem finding new players. I see my players come up with awesome characters with fun backstories as well as create some great moments, and sometimes I see that and think “I wanna do something like that.” I had played a few games of Call of Cthulhu and definitely fell in love with it, particularly the setting, the system, and my character that I made with a cool backstory. However the person who ran it had life responsibilities so they couldn't run anymore, and I thought to myself “it's cool, understandable, I was thinking of running some games myself.” And I did just that, I ran some Call of Cthulhu games and had both friends and player acquaintances eager to jump in, which they also loved the system. However after running a few consistent games and the players getting a good grasp of the system, it felt like this slight gnawing on the back of my neck; none of the players bothered to get their own copy of the Keeper or Investigator handbook. I don't expect them to get their copy ASAP, but if I'm running multiple sessions for them then perhaps it's worth doing? I asked, and it's either the excuse of “it's too expensive,” “I'll just rely on the tutorial videos for now,” or “once I'm sure I'll get it.” I know I shouldn't think it, but it just sort of rubs me the wrong way cuz I spent the money to buy the keeper and investigator book (which is a great tool for players in CoC without spoiling anything); I can't help but feel it being slightly one sided.

    I think however the moment(s) it started to really bother me was a group that I ran a one shot for with the uncertainty of running a CoC session (there was a module I wanted to test and they were game) were asking me to run another session, to which I relented. As I was going over character creation with them, which is slightly more involved than DnD but not as overly intricate like V:TM, I decided to create a character myself to refamiliarize myself with the process again. As I was creating one, my imagination started sparking and I made a 1920s character where I started to feel excited for and really wanted to play; then it hit me that this character is not going to see the light of day because I'm gonne be GMing the game, not playing. I decided to do a test gauge with the current group I'm running, just ask on whether not anyone has any intention of buying their own copies of Call of Cthulhu. When I was asked why I was asking it, I decided to be honest instead of just saying something avoidant like “oh, no reason” or something like that, just letting them know I have no intention of being a forever GM for this game. Once again, no responses, just silence and crickets and later a topic change of asking if anyone reserved a table at our LGS. In my head, I was put off a bit and just thought “Oh, so we're not gonna talk about it?”

    I know it's a tale as old as time, but I feel this is starting to make me feel more bitter and resentful and I worry I'm gonna end up taking it out on them and I have no idea how to handle this. I already run as a DM for a majority of DnD games, Hell I organize a weekly organized/shared DnD event at my LGS, however it bothers me that I can run so many games for everyone but getting a game to be a player is pretty much a rarity for me. Do I start drawing the hard line with my homebrew group(s)/friends of rotating GMing if we're gonna continue off, do I just say nothing and just be lucky I have people to play the game to begin with, or do I just ditch them to find a group that I can be a player in a game myself? I know it sounds a bit exaggerated and melodramatic, but I fear this annoyance is growing to be more of a significant bother where I just end up being at my worst rather than my best. Does anyone else go through that, do you just resign to being a forever GM, thoughts?

  5. Ive told this story in other places before but want to tell it here too since I just joined reddit and think you guys may enjoy it.

    We started playing a 3.5e dnd with a Fallout module called Exodus and it was going pretty well

    We took the “living world” approach where players can roam and effect areas based on their choices in quests and travels. We were about 6 or so months in when my grandmother first asked about it further when I told her of the sessions of my first group, I told her it was a violent, 50s post apocalyptic game full of mean people, blood and monsters, normally she Hates all these things. She one of those overly religous grandmas that tends to not watch anything that drops F bombs or shows lots of blood.

    but since she loves history, murder documemtaries, 50s and survival shows, she immediately got excited and wanted to play.

    I wrote her up a sheet and helped her make a character. She described her character as an elderly antiques dealer thats from Pennsylvania and was chasing a time travelling ship named the “eldridge” that went missing in the 40s

    She saw a show on the real life version and thought it would be cool to go after it in a story. She played a elderly woman that went by many names and constantly changed clothes so it was hard to track her down. We started off calling her “Grandma” but she later named her “pistol packin grandma” (or PPG for short) based on the song “pistol packin mama”

    She started off with about 20 caps and a M1 garand since she did well with describing her antiques dealer story. Wearing a long brown duster and hat, Grandma started her adventure at the mojave since thats where the quest began. She got a job through a caravan after showing she had high medical skills and would be valuable as a nurse. She would be riding on the caravan to new reno

    The adventure went pretty normal until she came across three guys beating up a ghoul, I began reading out the scene and how interaction works when- the first she she did was blow out the knee of one guy, he topples to the ground. She aims at his other knee and makes her demands. “Get your friend and get out, or I'll blow out his other knee!”

    The level 1 enemies took their lead pipe and charged her, she shot a second time, blowing out is other knee. She then points at the stunned enemies. “Drop them and run, I mean it! Next shot is going to his liver”

    She rolls to intimate them with advantage and passes with flying colors. They dropped their stuff and high tailed from the area. She helped the ghoul and bandaged him up, she was rewarded lumpy fruit and went on her way to get a long rest.

    The next in game day the caravan rides for a few hours until hitting a checkpoint. It was a small military base run by the rangers. As the lead merchant hank focused on payment and paperwork, she decided to haggle for a extremely beat up jeep- one so bad, it would easily go into a death wobble at 15mph. She is given the deal plus full tank of gas and didnt try to do rolls to find out if he was lying or not, unbeknownst to her I planned to show her how mean the wasteland can be with this sidequest reward.

    Her job was to exterminate a mole rat nest from the museum half of the base. She was given a key and told good luck.

    So to prepare, she had an idea and began to gather trash to create something I didnt expect. A trash bag based ghili suit. Taking her place next to some garbage with a rifle and a wrench she found, she began her wait for mole rats.

    Once she saw where they were coming from, she decided to kill the 3 already travelling outside the nest.

    The first was taken out with a bullet, she missed the second and third shot. Grandma got bit twice, she shot and killed the second and immediately went for pludgeoning the last one by surprise.

    Getting up from her kills, she scavenged the meat and caved in the entrance to the nest and told the soldier she completed the quest, he then gave her the jeep- except there was a problem, a superior talked to him and would only allow half a tank of gas.

    She attempts diplomacy but fails, the superior introduces himself as dante and tells her he filled it up so she could be on here way- unknown to her, he broke the gauge to always say full. She proceeded to take it and begin her travels, delighted with her far more impressive reward than what the caravan gave. A few hours later the jeep putters to a halt and she realizes what happened.

    Me: you realize your jeep is out of gas and its about 2 days walk to go back.

    Grandma: I dont care, They screwed me and Im going back.

    Me: When its morning?

    Grandma: No. Immediately.

    So through hellish conditions, raider encounters and low ammo, she comes across her caravan as it finally caught up, she uses her diplomacy to get their help with her situation, in return they get the jeep. She succeeds with the generous trade and spend the next few hours going back.

    She arrives at the checkpoint doors and replies.

    “You screwed me, the jeep didnt have a full tank. Now I want a second one with a full tank of gas after what you did.”

    To set the scene for you, these were all level 6 rangers in full gear in a huge group of about 30. They are well armed with 4 snipers and 2 minigun soldiers. The rest had rifles and revolvers.

    Dante comes to the door it pretty much tells her the work was barely worth a jeep let alone gas and she should be thankful. They argue further and after a few failed diplomacy rolls, he got aggressive and said he'd shoot her if she doesnt leave.

    So she left and began carefully planning guerilla warfare against the well armed military base. She started by using her merchant connection to cut off trade to the base aside for contaminated food and radiated water. She returned a few days later with her armed caravan and replied

    “Alright dante, if you want healthy soldiers you'll work with me. now I want 4 jeeps and 4 full tanks of gas.”

    He chuckles and orders the soldiers to fire warning shots at her, she immediately backs off and goes back to planning. Over the course of months (hours irl) she then learned that trade wasnt good at all the ranger faction ran settlements nearby, so she carefully began to fix all the problems of ranger ran settlements , carefully replacing the law with armed merchants and kicking out the faction. With good trade of food, water, weapons, medicine and the death of minor raiders causing problems, one by one she toppled the ranger controlled towns in quick succession. She then cut off the trade fully.

    She then returned to the base with her caravan fully armed with pipe rifles and jury rigged guns.

    “Alright dante, now I want 8 jeeps and 8 fu-”

    Shes interrupted by the fire of 5 soldiers who took first

    Dante shouts “you're caravan will die after those acts of terrorism against us!” As two shots hit her immediately, knocking her health to bloodied quickly. A slaughter of a gunfight ensured. To the shock of the caravan, Dante's men mowed down their people with the superior weaponry and skill. Between frenzied brahmin and fleeing merchants, grandma grabbed an escaped brahmin and immediately escaped with the rest of the fleeing people.

    I expected her to give up right then and there since it nearly killed her character and slaughtered the faction she newly began. She calmed them down and gave a speech, citing the new towns they took, booming trade and their sheer numbers, she proclaimed it wasnt an act of power what the soldiers did, but an act of fear for what they accomplished. She promised them riches doubling all they have already got and then some if they continue to follow her lead. Otherwise they made an enemy with the rangers at this checkpoint for the rest of their lives. With a fantastic speech, point and a few great rolls, they were on board one more time.

    “But now, we are fighting differently.” She replies.

    Over the course of a few days, they finally cut power to the base and waged her war, in quick successions, surrounding while throwing crafted molotov cocktails at generators, buildings, tanks and tents. The men were far too busy in a total panic to fight them AND the fires, giving Grandma and the merchants more than enough time to retreat.

    Buying a scope for ger rifle, grandma focused on fitting the men for one final attack, using the last of her crafting material, she made explosives and gave them to the men.

    deciding on hiding herself on a nearby cliff, equipt with her trashbag ghili suit, she stuck a large rusty pipe over the barrel of her rifle and went into place.

    Debuffed from contaminated food, water, lack of sleep, low moral and medical supplies, the soldiers were weak and low on health and good rolls after all the bad stats were calculated.

    The merchants made their first move at attacking the entrance, shooting at guards at their posts in such high numbers that even with low damage, it was chipping away great amounts of damage each turn. With molotovs to push the soldiers back and pipebombs to blow the doors open, they breached the entrance and had full attention of the rangers. They began to pull out the big guns.

    Except unknown to them, Grandma began dropping the snipers with the help of her new scope. One after another she began aiming air their guns, legs and hands. With a stealth crit modifier, the ones who didnt die were too sick, crippled and damaged to get proper shots on the merchants. By the time they realized what was happening, it was too late.

    The base fell to the level 1 grandmom and a bunch of piperifle toting merchant npcs.

    From ammo to guns and gear, merchants began looting the place of everything it had leftover.

    Two rangers were left alive in the base, dante and his bodyguard. As the place was looted, grandma had the two men stripped of weapons and ammo she then said

    “Alright dante, Now Im tanking all the vehicles and all the gas.”

    Shocked and in complete dismay, he is tossed from his own base and given freedom to go to the next town without prosecution.

    Grandma explained she felt the best tactic for keeping enemies is fear. She wanted two alive to tell the tale of what happened at that base.

    Grandma left the base with all vehicles. From motorcycles, jeeps to even water tankers, she had enough to make a hefty amount of money and repay the merchants.

    I was completely shocked at how I saw it all turn out. Ive never had players go this depth or level of petty determination and tactics.

    I expected her to go rogue and maybe steal from badguys or murderhobo at the first realization of what raiders factions were, but didnt expect this.

    It took me an entire page front to back of notes and tally marks for me to calculate all the insane amounts of exp she made. If I remember right it leveled her up to 8, putting her 1 level above the group I was already playing with.

    Afterwards, Grandma then asked me to get her a glass of soda and said she'd like to play again, this time heading towards military bases on her way to Pennsylvania.

    I mentioned the other factions of fallout lore and enclave stuck specifically. She said they should been purged the moment the wasteland realized they existed. her logic was that vietnam was the moment she personally stopped trusting.

    “They stopped being trustworthy after agent orange!” She said.

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